Saturday, 15 June 2013


Apple unveiled its latest operating software for iPhones and iPads, the iOS 7. The OS sports a completely revamped look and feel.

At it's Worldwide Developer's conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that it is the biggest change to iOS since introduction of iPhone.

We take a look at the key changes and new features in Apple's latest OS:
New icons

The OS from Apple has completely redesigned flat icons. The iOS 7 has a new slide-up control panel, new fonts, new icons and new translucent bars.
New Siri

Apple has also revamped the Siri feature with a new male voice. Siri now offers the facility to search Twitter and Wikipedia, said Apple.
Changes in Safari

The Safari web browser has a new tab interface with a complete redesign. There is also the provision of one-tap access to Safari favourites of the user.
New features for apps

iOS 7 also has a gesture back button for apps. Apple has introduced the multitasking feature for all apps.
New camera app

The new camera app has automatic 'square' camera for Instagram shots. The new photos app also arranges images according to the location and time, a feature called 'moments'.
Automatic app updation

Another addition to the iOS 7 is that the user no longer needs to manually update apps. All the apps will be automatically updated in the background.
Other features

iOS 7 boasts of a new card multitasking feature with a 3D interface. Apple claims that When the phone is tilted, the perspective changes.

It also features a control centre. " Your most used apps get priority on background cycles," claims Apple.

A test version is available to developers starting June 10. For users, it will be available in fall.

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