Monday, 5 August 2013


Soon after a Kiwi entrepreneur developed a novel smartphone app that can monitor users' outdoor activities and ensure they get home safe, Google has come out with a new tool that will let users track their lost Android phones on a map. Not just track, the user can even ring and remotely erase all the data on the phone.
Apple, Microsoft and BlackBerry have been offering online utilities, namely Find My iPhone, BlackBerry Protect, and Find My Phone, respectively, that let owners of phones track the location of their handsets, lock them, trigger an alarm and wipe data remotely, for a long time. Google is late to the party. However, making the utility a part of Android would benefit a large number of users. Handset makers like Samsung and HTC already offer similar tools with their Android phones – yes, Google did not offer the same on its own phones! Sony had also started rolling out its remote security service "my Xperia," in July.
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