1.Bounty Arms

Bounty Arms (Developed by Kerosene Games)
Available for: iOS, Android
Price: $4.99
Bounty Arms heralds a significant leap forward for mobile game graphics, vaulting the medium closer to matching the scope and quality of its console predecessor.
Bounty Arms follows the exploits of the "Hogs," a trio of interstellar mercenaries assembling Drake Mass (a shotgun-toting galactic marine) Flux Helix (an airborne robot with laser eyes) and Goober (a reptilian hulk armed with a rocket launcher). The Hogs hop from planet to planet shooting everyone and everything in sight, tackling larger-than-life bosses, collecting rewards and completing bonus missions; players may also purchase bizarre pets that can lend a hand (or paw, or claw) in times of need.
Bounty Arms is undeniably dazzling, leveraging Epic Games' Unreal Engine graphics technology to deliver richly detailed 3D characters and environments that virtually pop off the mobile device screen. The problem is that the game is more style than substance: The action is surprisingly shopworn, and there's little variation from level to level, meaning that once the visual innovations wear off, there's not much to keep gamers coming back. So while Bounty Arms is a technological breakthrough by any definition, it's difficult to shake the feeling that it could have been much more. 


Grid (Developed by Binary Thumb)
Available for: iOS
Price: Free Equal parts productivity tool and digital scrapbook, Grid lets you organize information and images into a spreadsheet-like visual framework, swiping and dragging the tiles to plan and manage projects, travel, to-do lists and more in whatever way makes the most sense to you.
Open Grid and it presents you with four "Create" options: Notes, photos, contacts and maps. From those basic building blocks you can assemble tile-based lists, tables and collages, put together presentations and storyboards, manage personal and professional relationships, or plan trips across town or across the globe. Press and hold the individual tiles to move them around, or double-tap them for more information. Grid also supports collaborative editing features: Open the app on two or more iOS devices and changes made on one device automatically affect the others, without connecting to Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iCloud. Smartly designed but simple to use, Grid will help you get all facets of your life in order.

3.Tiny Thief

Tiny Thief (Developed by 5 Ants Games)
Available for: iOS, Android
Price: $2.99
The second release from the fledgling Rovio Stars game publishing program reaffirms that the company has no intention of simply churning out a succession of Angry Birds clones: Tiny Thief is a unique and utterly charming tribute to vintage point-and-click gameplay, bolstered by distinctively stylized visuals and classic cartoon-inspired sensibilities.
Tiny Thief's titular hero is a pint-sized Robin Hood tasked with stealing a variety of objects across a series of six medieval-themed settings ranging from a pirate ship to a castle. Each theft is presented as an interactive puzzle, and outsmarting the rogue knights, giant robots and related scallywags in your path requires consummate skill and cunning. What separates the title from other puzzle games is its humor and heart: It's sweet but not saccharine, stuffed with visual gags that evoke the spirit of vintage Looney Tunes shorts. Be prepared for Tiny Thief to steal a lot of your free time.

4.Ernie Els Driven

Ernie Els Driven (Developed by Driven Apps)
Available for: iOS
Price: $4.99

Nicknamed "The Big Easy" for his buttery-smooth golf swing, Ernie Els has earned 66 career victories, including four major championships, and entered the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2010, his first time on the ballot. For years he's also written an instructional column for Golf Digest. You couldn't ask for a more qualified golf teacher, and Ernie Els Driven delivers, combining videos, swing analysis, tutorials, practice drills and other tips and tricks to help even the most inept golfers shave multiple strokes off their game.
Ernie Els Driven focuses on all facets of the sport of golf, highlighted by 300-frame-per-second video tutorials featuring Els hitting every club in the bag, each from multiple angles. Users can analyze his technique and compare it with their own via built-in "Ernie Lines" and overlay graphics depicting key elements of each swing in slow-motion detail, identifying and correcting trouble spots. The app also includes Els' own short game drills alongside mini-games to improve bunker play, putting and chipping--future updates are slated to bring fairway tutorial videos, situational training and fitness programs. It's another big win for Els.


Limbo (Developed by Playdead)
Available for: iOS
Price: $4.99
If the renowned animators the Brothers Quay were to translate their phantasmagoric aesthetic to mobile gaming, the end result might look eerily similar to the shadowy, surreal Limbo, one of the most haunting and visually arresting games ever to arrive on iOS.
The hero of Limbo is a nameless young boy who suddenly wakes up in a mysterious forest. The game follows the boy's search for his lost sister, a death-defying quest that forces the character to a run a gauntlet of obstacles, traps and puzzles. Limbo reveals its secrets slowly and judiciously, favoring mood and atmosphere over conventional narrative progression--even so, the gameplay is challenging and often unforgiving, allowing the boy no margin for error, and the specter of violence looms larger with each successive level.
Limbo doesn't look like anything else in the App Store: Its color palette is limited exclusively to black, white and gray, with the characters depicted as silhouettes against Expressionist-inspired backgrounds. The sound design is equally minimalist, eschewing music in favor of environmental noises that accentuate the game's palpable sense of foreboding. Limbo's relentless darkness may alienate some gamers, but those who fall under its spell will fall hard.



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