Monday, 1 July 2013


--> The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been spotted running Android 4.3 Samsung's Galaxy S4 has been spotted running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.
The update was spotted by SamMobile running on the Google Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is currently only available in the US.
The test build is flagged as version JWR66N.S005.130625. The JWR66N part of the build name refers to the Android version, while S005.130625 is Samsung's own build tracking code.
The screenshots show Android 4.3 will feature a new camera interface with a circular navigation control. The new camera interface is already available on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One Google Editions, so we assume it will be coming to all stock Android handsets too when the update starts to roll out.
Android 4.3 has been spotted running on the HTC One and Nexus 4 so far, but it may not be too long until the update is rolled out officially.

According to sources, the HTC One will be getting the Android 4.3 update this month, although the Tweet confirming this only said the Google Edition of the device will be getting the update at this stage. Presumably that's because HTC doesn't have to worry about testing the device with its HTC Sense UI.
  • HTC Nexus Edition getting Android 4.3 update in July
The updated Nexus 7 tablet will reportedly launch at the end of July running Android 4.3.
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